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Firstly, thank you for taking the time to have a look at some of my images. I’m Alan Leitch, a Glasgow based photographer who simply enjoys taking photos. My interest in photography started many years when I enrolled in a night class while living in Melbourne, Australia. My first ‘proper’ camera was an Olympus OM2n and at that time I particularly enjoyed night photography of the city and processing in the dark room. For me, there was something magical about watching something I’d created slowly take shape in the red glow of the darkroom and wondering if it was going to be any good.

Time has moved on since then of course and my interest has become more diverse, and post-processing is now performed on a computer instead of a darkroom – but the magic remains. The difference now is that the transition from the small image on the  back of the camera onto the computer monitor is so much faster, but the anticipation remains the same. To maintain as much control as I can over the final image I shoot in ‘raw’ which means the camera provides an unprocessed ‘flat’ image which I can then process manually (it’s a little known fact that cameras 'throw away' detail when producing a jpg, removing the photographers creative opportunities).



I shoot Nikon now (D850’s) and process in Adobe Lightroom which ironically is the computer equivalent of a traditional darkroom.

A few years ago, my friend & collaborator Jacci and I started going for days out across Scotland, exploring wild and abandoned places and found it was something we both enjoyed (regardless of the weather) and you can see some of the results in the ‘abandoned Glamour’ gallery. We still try and go out weekly, revisiting our favourite locations and searching out new ones and we plan to add a ‘blog’ where we can talk about our trips and post some images. 

Please see our ‘services’ page which provides options to join us on a shoot, where you’ll be guaranteed a good day out and some cracking images.



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